Lens-Artists Challenge #166 – Artificial Light

Most of the time I capture images in natural light, probably because I go more places in the daytime. But Ann-Christine’s challenge this week had me searching for the artificial light in my archives. The featured image above is Portsmouth, NH, where I just happened to have my camera that night. It was the only photo I took.

I remember also on one trip to New York City I was quite fascinated by the illumination on the buildings (below).

There are a lot of street and building lights where I live now which is kind of annoying because I think I would see more stars if someone could turn off those lights. I also have to pull the blinds down at night because they disturb my sleep. At least they can’t block out the moon.

And then there are the lights that I’ve created for dramatic effect, which is always fun.

And this one below was an accident. I was capturing images for a theatre troupe at a dress rehersal and my camera slipped out of my hand. It dropped and I caught it and within that split second the shutter was triggered. I call it, “The show must go on”.

Thanks to Ann-Christine for this fun challenge. Maybe I’ll look for more opportunities to capture artificial light in the future. Next week’s challenge will be hosted by Amy. Please remember to use the tag “Lens-Artists” so others can find you.

And always, look for the light in your heart!

14 replies to “Lens-Artists Challenge #166 – Artificial Light

  1. Terrific selections this week – and I absolutely loved the accidental image – thanks so much for admitting it. It may have been an accidental shot but you recognized it’s potential and turned it into a definite keeper!

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  2. Great gallery! I love it that so many of us rather shoot in daylight – but still can find images in artificial light in the archives. My favourites are the first one – great light well captured, and “The show must go on”!

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  3. I am a bit like you. So many photos outside , but I am not always that interested in light. You did a great job. I loved the photo of Portsmouth’s North Church. And honestly that last photo could probably be cool art work. Very nice. Donna

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