Serene, Lens-Artists #179

I have not been serene lately, so this post feels timely. Difficult news from family in the US and the ongoing pandemic problems have combined to disturb my peace, so I’ve spent the last few days seeking a more serene state of mind. My go to place for peace is almost always the ocean.

But going for a leisurely drive in the country side also helps me feel calm, as well as walking in a wooded area when no one else is on the trail. I recently took a little trip out of town on a very rainy weekend just to escape from city and suburban life. Even when the weather is bad I enjoy a good lookout, a natural place to viewthe world from.

So nature is the place that restores my serenety, my sense that everything will be alright, that there is something much greater than me that’s in charge of it all.

Thanks to Patti for hosting this Serene challenge.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!

May your heart be filled with peace, joy and love as you celebrate the holidays and begin the New Year!

10 replies to “Serene, Lens-Artists #179

  1. Hi, CS. I hope you can find more moments of serenity. It’s so hard these days. I also figured we could also use some, especially now. I enjoyed your photographic moments of serenity, which were perfect for the challenge. Thanks for sharing them!

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  2. I must agree with you CS, serenity is a bit hard to find these days. Your images are really lovely, and yes, serene! I too find nature helps to restore serenity even in the most difficult of times.

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  3. I hope you get more and more peace as Christmas arrives – your photos had the serenity indeed and the first three photos have some very blue water – our ocean water here is so gray (or even black) and then in Florida where we go it is teal or emerald – and so that blue was interesting

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    1. When it gets stormy here the ocean becomes gray, but I mostly take photos when it’s sunny. I grew up in Florida so I know what the ocean is like there. The Pacific does seem to be more blue and also the waves and currents are more intense.

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      1. Thanks for the reply – and for years we used to think that the Atlantic was “less than” the Pacific – if that makes sense – but then we learn that they are just different – and the Pacific is varied, powerful, and often rocky (and I guess can be super blue too – ha)
        whereas the Atlantic is quieter and less rocky (depends on where and all that) but we learned not to compare and neither was better – just different

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      2. You’re right! I also lived for 25 years in New Hampshire and frequented the beaches of NH and Maine, where it’s rocky and gray. Beaches are beautiful no matter where they are.

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