NH Garden and Beach

Fuller Gardens

In 2017, I was preparing to move away from New Hampshire so I made a few local trips to places I had never been before. One beautiful place I visited on an early Autumn day was Fuller Gardens. It’s located in North Hampton, NH, just off Route 111. They are well known for their roses but it was toward the end of rose season when I went there. However, there were other lovely areas to see.

The history of the garden is quite beautiful as well. In 1927 Alvin Fuller hired a landscaper to create a garden in the back of their summer estate. In the 1930’s he developed it further adding a rose garden for his wife, and making it a place that the public could visit to enjoy the beauty of it. For a full history please visit this page: Fuller Gardens History

I had such a lovely time there that I decided I should visit again with my husband, who was out of the country at the time. Unfortunately I never got to take him there and I haven’t been back myself as well.

Just Across the Road

Fuller Gardens is easy to find as you drive north from N. Hampton Beach on the scenic Ocean Blvd. New Hampshire’s coastline is only 13 miles long, the smallest seacoast of any state. But it’s worth visiting, as is the entire state, because of it’s beautiful and diverse scenery. I had visited the coast many times before, but never realized this garden was there.

Just a few quick pics of the beach across from the garden before I headed home.

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