Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 174 – Shapes and Designs

Everything is a shape or a design so it’s really hard to choose what to focus on. But I was reminded of how I enjoy looking up to see the fascinating ways that branches and leaves create patterns against the sky. I often wonder if I can capture the magesty of the treetops with my camera or on canvas.

And then, not just the tree tops, but all the other wonderful and peculiar shapes and designs that nature makes. That’s really all I take pictures of most of the time.

Well sometimes the man made shapes and designs can be interesting too… But I think in reality we are just copying nature in some form or another.

I keep thinking of more images I’ve taken in one gallery or another, but my files became disorganized when I changed computers. There is no end to the topic of shape and design anyway, so I will finish with a master and one of my favorite artists.

My first love in the realm of shape and design will always be Escher, and I was so lucky to attend this exhibit of original work that came to the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH in 2014.

Thanks to Patti for hosting this topic and please visit her post here: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #174: Shapes and Designs – P.A. Moed (pilotfishblog.com) If you want to participate in the challenge be sure to include a link to her post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

6 replies to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 174 – Shapes and Designs

  1. Beautiful sets. I like the one with the trees a lot. Some beautiful shots in there, and, of course, the trees are also interesting.

    The file not found problem! I have it too, every time I change from one laptop to another. I thought an external disk as a backup would solve the problem. It helps, but doesn’t eliminate trouble always. As usual, the slippery bit is me.

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  2. Ah the disorganized image library – I feel your pain on that! When I moved from Aperture to Lightroom I had the same issue. The good news is it gets easier the longer the passage of time from the change – I promise! Loved choices this week. Loved the Escher work.

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