Photography Services

For your personal or business needs I can offer photography for almost any project. Visit my contact page to get in touch or leave a comment below. 

2 Hour Photography Session – $150

Full Day Photo Shoot – $500

Transportation reimbursement would be expected for locations one hour or more away.

Photo Restoration

Restoring your priceless old photos digitally is a fine art and the amount of work needed, and possible outcome varies with each photo. The cost would be dependent on each photo but my basic estimate would range from $10 to $20 per hour of editing time.

Photo Editing

Basic Crops & Edits – $1 per photo, minimum 10 photos.

Advanced Crops & Edits – $2 to $5 per photo, depending on what needs to be done; minimum 5 photos.

I use Drop Box for most photo file transfers, however I can receive 10 or less through email. I am also open to receiving your photos on a CD and returning them to you that way if you prefer that method.


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