Starting Over Again

The last time I posted on this site was in 2016. I was still working as a free-lance web designer, writer, editor, content creator and whatever. I had several clients and was very busy, working from home but also commuting to another state each week. My intentions then were to use this site for my business. Things changed rapidly in June of 2018 when I found myself on the other side of the world with a very sick husband.

My whole world turned upside down – literally. During the 11 months that my husband was sick I had to travel back and forth between AU and the US three times. It was not the kind of travel for taking pictures. Unfortunately my husband passed away in May of 2019. If you’d like to know more you can read a tribute to him here.

But, as I always do wherever I am, I keep taking pictures. On one of my trips to AU my Nikon got damaged, so I started using my phone. It’s been my primary camera for over 2 years now. And even though my Nikon is currently usable, the phone has become so much easier for traveling and on hikes or wherever I find myself. Even at home, it’s quicker to grab my phone to catch the birds on the balcony than getting the DSLR out.

I’ve mostly been posting about my life on my personal blog, Create A Beautiful Life, but I realized I have a backlog of images that I’ll never post there. So I decided to revamp this site and make it just about images – to share what inspires me to keep snapping shots of my world.

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