Photo Challenge – Getting Away

I have not done a photo challenge for awhile but this one seemed fitting. Since I am currently in COVID lockdown, I’m itching to get away. I’m not much of a homebody, I seek adventure and beauty in nature. In April and May this year I was fortunate enough to take two short trips out of town.


A short trip up the coast from Sydney is Newcastle. A smallish city with a very interesting history. My friend came with me to show me the highlights and share what she knew. Australia is known for it’s oceanside pools, water that’s captured by the rocks. Most seaside towns have embellished this natural phenomena by adding some man made structures for safety and improved swimming.

It was just a quick weekend getaway to experience and see something outside of Sydney. Of course I mostly took pictures of the scenery, but we spent a lot of time visiting art galleries and museums too. There was also an outdoor art market that weekend.

Orange and the Blue Mountians

A few weeks later my son and his girlfriend and I drove through the Blue Mountians to visit my husband’s hometown of Orange, NSW. We wanted to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of his passing with a little family history tour. We arrived late in Orange so I didn’t take any pictures there. We stayed the night in an old orphanage that was turned into a B & B, and the next day visited Katoomba in the Blue Mountians.

It was such an overcast day that by the time we did the scenic skyway and railway the fog was beginning to cover everything. When we got back to the top we could no longer see any views, just fog.

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  1. welcome to our challenge CS, loved your getaway images. My husband and I visited the Blue Mountains some years back and loved the peace and quiet along with the natural beauty there. Thanks for the fond reminder!


    1. Yes, it is a beautiful area and so different from the mountains we experience in the US. I love the images on your blog and website too, and so happy to be sharing with people who find joy through photography.


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