Lens Artist Challenge #160 – Your Inspiration

I’m inspired by a lot of things so it’s really hard to narrow this down. I will say “nature” and “traveling” are at the top of my list, but that’s still very broad. I also have to say that human creativity inspires me as well as words of wisdom. And people with beautiful hearts inspire me.

For the past two years I guess my greatest inspiration has come from my beach walks and ocean cliff hikes. There is no end to the magical and awe inspiring views, the incredible rock formations, the tide pools and creatures within them, the shells and unusual plant life… I could go on and on.

But then I’m also inspired by weird plants and trees and everything that lives around them and in them. Every aspect of nature is fascinating to me. Although I love my balcony with an ocean view, I could easily be happy in a house surrounded by nature.

But nothing inspires me more than family and friends and good people everywhere. What would any of it be worth if there was no one to share it with. Love is the ultimate inspiration.

Thanks to Patti at P.A. Moed for hosting this challenge, and look for next week’s challenge hosted by Ann-Christine or in your reader through the tag “Lens-artists”.

7 replies to “Lens Artist Challenge #160 – Your Inspiration

  1. Hi, Cheryl. Nice to meet you here! I also agree with you–those same things inspire me, too. I love the Northern Beaches! We were visiting dear friends there about 2 years ago. I love all the different beaches–each one with a different personality. Beautiful shots, too. I love your header image. Glad you shared them!


    1. Thanks for your comment. Look me up if you ever get this way again. Who knows when they’ll ever open the border, so I satisfy my impulse to travel by roaming the beautiful beaches here. Stay safe and well.


  2. We agree 100% on those things that inspire us CS! Most importantly, having loved ones and friends with whom to share our inspirations makes it that much better! Loved your ocean vistas this week.


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