Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #159 – Postcards

A couple months ago I traveled to Orange, NSW, AU to visit my husband’s birthplace. It was quite a long drive and we arrived late in the day. It was the first time for my son to go there so I wanted to show him around quickly before it got dark. It was also winter, so not the most scenic time of year. Instead of taking photos I picked up some post cards at the information center. But they will just end up in a drawer or the file cabinet.

I don’t think I’ve sent a post card to anyone since I was in my 20’s, and that was a very long time ago. However, I know lots of artists who use post cards to announce a show, or to promote their work in other ways. I like to collect post cards of favorite artists or artwork to put on my studio wall or above my desk.

So along with the sticky notes, quotes and other visual cues I have some creative inspiration. These cards are by Ally at colouredspace.com.

My husband collected a lot of post cards from galleries and museums for the same reason, so I’ve also saved some of my favorites from his collection of famous artists.

But recently, I’ve been making my own post cards. They are not to send to anyone, but created instead with an affirmation on the back to help me move past blocked emotions. This has been part of a grief art therapy course I’m doing. Each collaged card is based on a Chakra and some affirmations related to rebalancing the energy of that Chakra. I’ve finished 5 and I’m still working on the 6th. Below are a few examples.

I like to work on this size because it’s quick and fun. I also enjoy creating imagery based on ideas or emotions that empower me or remind me of something valuable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Thank you to the host: Anvica’s Gallery Look for other posts in this challenge with the tag “Lens-Artists”. Next week is hosted by: P.A. Moed – Creative Exploration in Words and Pictures (pilotfishblog.com)

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