Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down

Up is the sky and down is the ground, and everything else lives in between. I see the clouds beyond the treetops moving across the blue expanse, meanwhile my shadow dances with the wind across the sand.

Sunlight casts its rays down from far above while trees reach up, and give us shelter below. Tide pools draw me in to their mysterious world while birds call out from above.

Look up! Look down! The world is a magnificent place, giving us thrills and surprises in every direction. That’s why we keep our cameras at the ready, wanting to capture each spectacular moment of grace.

Going down, looking up, it’s all part of the fun. Above my head spring blossoms give me hope, while below remnants of the past form interesting patterns. Joy swells in my heart for the beauty that surrounds me.

Thank you to Sofia at Photographia for hosting this weeks challenge. Next week’s challenge will be hosted by Patti at Pilotfish. If you wish to participate please include the tag Lens-Artists and link to the hosts post so others can find you.

10 replies to “Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down

  1. I really enjoyed everything about your post. I loved your words as much as your photos, so well thought and presented. I am glad to know your blog now 🙂

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