Going Wide – Lens Artists Challenge #165

I don’t have a specific wide angle lens, but I find that phone cameras usually take a wider shot than my 55mm standard Nikon lens. In addition to that, panaramas are fairly easy on a phone. I’ve only done that a couple times though.

Below we can compare a panarama with a basic shot taken with my phone, of Sydney’s skyline from a location near Manly on the Northern Beaches. One thing that seems to happen with panaramas is a bit of distortion toward the edges.

Further along on this hike I tried a panarama looking toward Manly (below). But unfortunately this didn’t really capture the scene. I think they should build a lookout tower in this location because it would give a much better view of the harbor.

Most of the time I’m focused on interesting things that are right in front of me. But there are times when a little bit of a wider angle might express what I’m seeing a bit better. I’ve often thought of this when trying to capture the waves or beautiful cloud formations.

Who knows, maybe my next lens will be a wide angle. There is certianly a lot of opportunity around me to capture a big view.

Thanks to P. A. Moed for this week’s inspiration. Next week, it’s Ann-Christine’s turn to lead the challenge, so be sure to stop by her site. And don’t forget to use the tag Lens-Artists so others can find you.

12 replies to “Going Wide – Lens Artists Challenge #165

  1. Lovely shots, Cheryl. I think you’re right about the capabilities of our smart phones. I haven’t used the panorama feature very often. It’s taken a while to get the shot just right. You did a great job! Your choice of the Northern Beaches is perfect for the challenge. I love the variety of the beaches there. We had so much fun exploring that area a few years ago. Your photos highlight the beauty of that area. Wonderful collection!


  2. I agree, these days iPhones offer a terrific alternative to specialty lenses. And yes, panoramas sometimes to have distortion at the edges but small price to pay unless one plans to do a massive print! Lovely choices this week.

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