Lens-Artists Challenge 171- Weird and Wonderful

Weird and wonderful sums up my opinion of life in general, but since I can’t post photos of everything, I’ll just pick a few highlights.

First, there’s things that happen around sand and water, and rocks too. How these elements interact with each other in ever changing ways, Like living sculptures. And then there’s all the other stuff that attaches itself as well.

And next I am definately drawn to weird plants, and stuff like tree bark. Of course I did just post a bunch of weird Australian blooms a few days ago, but I think everything in nature is a little weird and wonderful.

And then we can’t forget all the weird and wonderful animals, but at the moment I’m infatuated with these birds that like to visit my balcony. The chubby long-beaked Kookaburra is actually quite sweet and usually quiet. Meanwhile the large white Cockatoo’s squawk and carry on very loudly. If I don’t watch out they’ll tear up my potted plants too. The little Rainbow Lorikeets are quite timid, but it’s always entertaining to watch them eat and groom each other.

You might not think my images are so weird, but I think I live in a weird and wonderful world all the time and these are just a few of my recent pleasures. Thanks for visiting, and thanks to Anne-Christine for hosting this challenge. Look for more Weird and Wonderful with the tag “Lens-Artists”.

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