Spring – A Curious Season Down Under

It’s Spring in the southern hemisphere and I find the environment quite curious. My eyes are a little itchy but I can’t help heading out on a sunny or cloudy day to see what’s new. Australia has some very unique native plants that fascinate me.

Can You Name These Native Plants?

Spikeyness seems common here, as well as swirley and curley things. I don’t know a lot about plants and I can’t remember their names, but I do love them anyway. Another thing I find interesting is that many native plants here have very tiny blossoms, so small that I wish I had a macro lens. The wind, which seems to always be present, can also make it quite difficult to capture these little buds.

Most of the images above were taken at Ku Ring Gai Wildflower Garden, a lovely place to visit any time of year. A few were taken closer to home at Stoney Range Botanical Garden, and the ones below just on my street. Since the seasons around Sydney are not extreme, most of the time you can find something in bloom, but Spring is truly prolific and wonderful here.

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