I Miss the Warm Fuzzies

When I returned to AU at the end of February 2020 I expected to be going back to the US by June to prepare my house for sale. I told my precious cat I would be back. My tenants were looking after her.

Unfortunately, because of COVID I couldn’t return and ended up selling my house remotely (with the help of friends and family). My precious kitty had been sick for several years and her illness was getting worse. Because of her illness she could not legally be adopted, and I couldn’t find anyone who would take her in considering her needs. She would not pass the medical exams needed to bring her overseas either. So I said my tearful goodbye’s over Zoom and we sent her to her final rest in peace.

It was really hard for me. But I wouldn’t want to have a pet in my current apartment on the 7th floor. However, I do get plenty of birds stopping by.

These are my current companions, but I miss the warm fuzzies and cuddles of my cat. I wonder if she would play nicely with my feathered friends (probably not). And I hope she’s having lots of fun in cat heaven.

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