Lens-Artists Challenge #168 – Seen Better Days

I don’t take a lot of images of old things, probably because I mostly photograph nature. But then again, sometimes nature is old, and even dilapitated. But it can still be very beautiful, or at least interesting.

We might say that these old tree stumps or tree skeletons have seen better days, but then again, maybe this is part of their glory. Showing off their strength and endurance, their core value and beauty, and even their usefulness long after they have passed away.

History Awaits A Camera

After digging a little further into the archives I did find some relics of the past. The images below are from old Nashua, NH, somewhere near downtown. I went with a photography group on a walking tour of the old mills. Surprising what we find interesting to photograph; things that are weathered, worn out, cracked, broken, missing parts or even lost.

The Good Old Days

On another adventure I visited the old Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH. While the whole place is quite old, it’s far from dilapitated as it’s been preserved and well maintained as a tourist attraction. The Shakers on the other hand have definately seen better days, as has this old Shaker carriage below.

Every now and then while trapsing through the woods I run across something unexpected like an old shack, or a shelter of some type. The scene below had such a mysterious quality that I decided to give it a painterly look. It was in my early days of using creative editing software and I don’t even remember if it was Photoshop or Corel.

But of all the old things I’ve photographed the one below is my favorite. A fine feature of the home my son bought a couple years ago: a big old barn equipped with family facilities. Fortunately the house has been updated, but in the barn this cute little cubby hole with a view remains as a nod to the good old days.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this nostalgic little trip as I have enjoyed putting it together. Thanks to Tina for hosting and please visit her post here:

If you’d like to participate Please link to the host post and use the tag “Lens-Artists” so others can find you in the Reader. Also, look for next weeks post by  I.J. Khanewala of Don’t Hold Your Breath. And until we meet again, have fun!

14 replies to “Lens-Artists Challenge #168 – Seen Better Days

  1. I will chime in with the other commenters – love your trees and the cubby hole! Sounds good they have bought a dream and are having animals there too. “We might say that these old tree stumps or tree skeletons have seen better days, but then again, maybe this is part of their glory. ” And you are right.

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  2. Nice collection. and somehow I can picture a wee one on the “cubby hole”. You son is luck to have found this gem. I am sure the whole place is a work in progress. Fun. And well done. donna

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