Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 170 – Street Art

Technically this first image above is not on a street and not exactly outdoors. However, the subject matter is about streets, roads and highways, or travel. It is actually on a wall in an entry area of a highway service plaza/rest stop. I think it counts.

But when I think of street art, grafitti is definately the first thing that pops into my mind. Although there are so many other beautiful and interesting types of street art, it’s not my usual subject matter. I stumbled across the grafitti on the wall above, and the road images below, in the historic area of Nashua, NH, not far from where I captured the images of old buildings in “Seen Better Days”.

The two images below I literally titled “Street Art”, even though they are really just the remnants of road work. In the northeastern part of the US streets are constantly being patched up due to frost heaves. Or perhaps a starving artist took a job doing road work and decided to get a little creative with it.

I spent one Christmas in Tucson, AZ a few years back and was impressed by their street decorations. I thought I might enjoy touring US cities during the holidays to see how differently we celebrate the season. It’s on my bucket list.

In Schenectady, NY there is an area called “Little Italy”. We had breakfast there one morning while enjoying the “caty” street art across from the restaurant.

And finally below is La Dame de Notre Renaissance Francaise, a statue celebrating the Franco-American heritage of Nashua, NH. I was playing around with different exposure settings while shooting to see if I might get some interesting effects. I particularly liked this one as I felt it dramatised the statue’s expression.

And that’s it for my street art. Thanks to P.A. Moed for hosting this weeks fun challenge #170. Next week will be hosted by Ann-Christine. If you’d like to join in please use the tag “lens-artists” and link to the original post.

10 replies to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 170 – Street Art

  1. A very varied selection, and things that never crossed my mind for street art! Interesting. I really loved your last one, the portrait. A statue made into an impressive portrait. Well done experimenting!

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      1. Perfect time to post that photo of the old signs – and I encountered a highway man who was replacing a 301 sign in the Carolina’s – he said he could give me the leftover sign – and I said I was not asking for it – lol
        I was just taking a photo of him doing the change partly because I was curious as to how far 301 went down the US –
        We then chatted – but my point in that sharing was it looks like whoever made your old sign display knew how to get their hands on them while the getting was good!!

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  2. A fun and eclectic collection CS – laughed at your comment re the starving artist being creative! And also an interesting idea to include decorative lights as street art. Your thought about traveling to see the lights in different places is a great idea, although I fear weather issues and holiday traffic might be a bit of an issue!

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