Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 169 – The Ordinary

Things can be ordinary and extrordinary at the same time. Water, is a very ordinary thing in our world, yet it fascinates me to no end. I can stare at it forever, as rain, snow, ice, waves, trickles, drops, over rocks, streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and of course – the ocean. If you have visited my site before you have no doubt seen a lot of water.

I was walking around a lagoon a couple weeks ago and became entranced with the shimmering water lapping at my feet, and how every tiny wave created a spectacular design of light and shadow below the surface. Not a sight I could capture well with my phone, even in video.

And then there are all the things in the water or under the water as well. Not to mention the water in the clouds, or water in a cup or a bottle. Water is everywhere and it is quite ordinary until you look a little closer and consider how important and extrordinary it really is.

I could post a million pictures of water but I think you get the point. My other ordinary thing I’ll add to this post is made with water, and coffee beans and coconut milk. It is just so everyday, several times a day, ordinary to me but I’m still obsessed with it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about the most ordinarily extrordinary thing in the world. For more about ordinary things visit other Lens-Artists posts in your WP Reader. Thanks for visiting!

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